Late Tax Returns

Late Tax Return: How To Do Your Overdue Tax Returns

Having an expert, experienced tax agent taking care of your late tax returns can be critical to the outcome you achieve. Tax laws and rules are constantly changing over the years and it is important that the tax agent is up to speed with all these changes. If not, you can end up losing a lot of money, especially if special rebates, tax offsets, credits and one-off deduction rules are not taken into account.

You can finish any late tax return from 2001–2017 online, right now
It takes just minutes and you can get friendly, expert help the whole way.

At you can complete any prior year’s or late tax returns from 2001 to 2017. And the best part, using the simple online tax return means you can finish your late tax returns in just minutes.

Your overdue tax return is never “too late” (and no, the ATO never forgets about an unlodged return)
If you have a late tax return, the sooner you do it, the better! The ATO is very clear about this: You must lodge a tax return for every year that you received any income.


If you missed one year’s tax return, the ATO will never forget about it. The ATO often applies costly late fines and interest charges that grow and grow over time.

“I can’t find my PAYG and I don’t have any record of my income…”
Have you misplaced your PAYG payment summary or group certificate for a particular tax year?

Don’t worry: Your eTeam Tax accountant can fetch tax records directly from the ATO and help complete your tax return. This can include your PAYG summary plus income from bank interest and government agencies like Centrelink.

*Please note: The information above is general in nature. A Team Tax Accountants cannot guarantee that the ATO won’t charge late fees because this will depend on your individual tax history, however we can negotiate with the ATO for you to minimise any penalties. Individual checking and advice is provided by a reviewing accountant after you enter a tax return at Final assessment of your return and refund amount lies solely with the Australian Taxation Office.

For detailed advice relating to your personal circumstances, please:

ring and speak to one of our accountants on 1300 824 944, OR
complete your tax return online and sign your return. Then, our accounting team will check your return before it is lodged – if no return is required, it will be cancelled and you will pay no fees.